Too often beauty professionals complete their basic educational requirements and feel stalled in their professional development and earning capacities due to the lack of advanced professional training options. The Academy of Nail Design’s  new derma care nail specialist program (DCNS) offers beauty professionals the opportunity to break through the certificate or diploma glass ceiling and earn a professional designation that will take their careers to the next level and increase their revenues. This advanced natural nail care training program goes beyond generic manicures and pedicures and focuses on how to create hand and foot services individualized for each client. The program is certified by the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners, so graduates from this program in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, are eligible to apply for their DCNS designation from the board. DCNS services are for the discerning clientele who are seeking natural nail care solutions for their hands and feet that address their individual needs.

Specifically, The Academy of Nail Design’s DCNS program teaches nail professionals how to complete a full and accurate client assessment and consultation, and then bases the techniques and products to be used during the DCNS service on that assessment. Nail professionals are also then able to recommended proper home-care retail based on that client’s individual needs rather than the grabbing an arbitrary product off the shelf. Clients will be thrilled to know that their DCNS is listening specifically to their individual beauty needs; lack of individual care is a primary complaint from today’s clients.

The program also teaches students that it is the responsibility of a DCNS to create and instill higher level sanitation protocols and how to properly inform their DCNS clientele of these protocols, prior to beginning any service offering. This practice leaves little doubt among a DCNS's clientele as to their safety and health during any of these professional services, eliminating those fears that are so rampant in today’s nail industry.

DCNSs are highly encouraged to market these specialized services and add the DCNS letters after their name on all their marketing and advertisement material, letting clients know that if they are looking for a service that goes beyond a generic manicure/pedicure service, then they should be booking with a DCNS.

The Academy of Nail Design’s DCNS program can be completed online, on a schedule set by the student. For enrollment information and other details about the online DCNS professional designation program, please visit The Academy of Nail Design where customer service agents are available 24-hours-a-day to assist you.

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