Bio Seaweed Gel’s Unity is a unique five-free gel formula that offers a no primer, bonder, cleanser, base or top gel coat solution. Rid of formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA, and solvents, the polish avoids damaging, staining, and dehydrating natural nails. With more than 110 vibrant, no-chip tones and sparkles, Unity offers an array of colors for a fast and easy pedicure. Combined with the strength and shine of Bio Seaweed Gel’s base and top gels infused into every bottle of Unity, nail techs can quickly execute a bright pedicure. 
1. Prep the toenails by pushing back cuticles and shape the nails to desired shape. 
2. Once the feet are completely prepped, lightly buff toenails to smooth out the top surface of the nail bed. 
3. Using a hand brush, ensure all dust is completely off the nails and clean the nail beds with alcohol. 
4. When the toenails are dry, apply the first thin coat of Unity All-In-One Colour Gel-Polish. Pictured is Snow White #101.
5. Cure under a UV light for two minutes or 30 to 60 seconds under a LED light. 
6. Apply a second thin coat of the gel-polish and cure. 
7. Unity cures with no leftover residue; a final wipe is not needed. Finish the look by applying and massaging cuticle oil to the toe nails. 

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