Nail tech Brandy Nelson of NV Salon in Eugene, Ore., created this beachy summer pedicure for her client/foot model Tracy Jones. Jones requested something fun, bright, and summery, and has a soft spot for half-moon manicures. Nelson built off of the half-moon trend, incorporating brighter colors for the season in addition to negative spacing
1. Prep the nails for gel-polish and apply base coat. Cure according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 
2. Choose two shades of gel-polish and apply them in a half-moon shape to the base of each toenail alternating the colors. Nelson used pink for the big toenail and orange on the subsequent toenail. Cure for 30 seconds in an LED light. 
3. Add a thick line of gel-polish across the toenail tips in matching colors and cure. 
4. Mix loose glitter into a fine glitter gel-polish in your palette and apply a fine layer of the mixture to the half-moon shape only and cure.  
 5. Using dotting tools, place a large dot at the bottom center of each half-moon and smaller dots graduating out along the edge of the half-moons. 
6. Continue adding dot details in white and then add smaller dots of opposite colors inside them as desired. Seal with gel top coat, cure, and cleanse.

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