The winner for the most folksy name of a pedicure undoubtedly goes to nail tech Paula Applewhite of Paper Rock Scissors; Salon, Spa and Gallery in Southern Pines, N.C. A favorite among her clientele, the Smooth as a Duck’s Butt Pedicure includes an application of liquid callus remover, a warm milk soak, detailed cuticle work, a moisture mask, massage, and polish to leave feet soft as can be.

“I named it after one of my blunders,” says Applewhite. “I was with a client, finishing up her pedicure, when I said, ‘Now you are smooth as a duck’s butt!’ I meant to say baby’s butt. I was so mortified that I just finished without saying a word. I still don’t know to this day why I said ‘duck,’ but that moment stayed with me. When I went to my new salon and re-did my entire menu, I just had to give a pedicure that name.

“My clients love the name. They just chuckle and ask, ‘How smooth is a duck’s butt?’ I chuckle back and offer to show them by performing the pedicure on them.”

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