Medinail Learning Center has two online certification programs, the Advanced Nail Technician Program (ANT-C) and the Medical Nail Technician Program (CMNT). These programs have three goals: to train licensed nail technicians to work safely on chronically ill clients, to provide added options for employment in their career, and to enhance their income. Medinail Learning Center has recently expanded its ANT-C online program to 10 modules and upgraded all the information. These programs are updated at least annually to keep information current. Past graduates are encouraged to retake the program tuition-free.

“ANT-C and CMNT programs enhance technician and salon success through training them how to market safety in the performance of their services. This attracts fearful clients and supports referrals from physicians, bringing in many new clients,” says Janet McCormick, vice president of education development.

For more information, visit or call McCormick at (863) 273-9134. 

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