“Take your clients’ feet from woe… to wow,” says Katharin von Gavel, founder and CEO of Footlogix. The company’s DD Cream Mousse is a super-hydrating yet lightweight, creamy mousse. This unique, fragrance-free, spirulina microalgae and urea-infused mousse locks moisture into the skin with each application, day or night, to soothe and transform troubled feet. It softens and protects the skin against dryness and cracking by replenishing the skin’s moisture.

Nail technicians can include the DD Cream Mousse in the final part of the Footlogix Professional pedicure right before application of the Footlogix Massage Formula. In addition, consumers can continue their daily foot care routine at home with the retail-sized format. Apply a walnut-sized amount of Mousse onto clean, dry feet at bedtime for overnight hydration. No need to wear socks since the product is absorbed immediately. 

For more information, go to http://www.footlogix.com/.

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