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Roundup: What is Your Favorite Nail-Related Topic to Teach and Why?

by Staff Writer | December 30, 2013

The lesson I love to teach most is sanitation and disinfection. Most students have been to a shop where the files and implements have been reused over and over, and many have had some type of infection from these shops. So when they learn the correct way to perform these procedures, they are more than shocked, to say the least! I also enjoy the prep class, as most students have been over-filed with an e-file on their natural nails and have been left with rings of fire. So when they leave this class they are eager to show their friends and family the proper way to prep a nail for any service.
Charlotte Rauch
D.O.E. Simplicity Nail System, Baden, Ontario, Canada

My favorite lesson must be nail anatomy. I love describing the structure and function of the parts and how growth is affected by all the nail treatments. Students gain a lot from this underpinning knowledge.
Beverley Maycroft
Yate International Academy, Sundridge Park, Yate, Bristol, England

Nail art classes are my favorite to teach because students learn to develop creativity and how to see everything as an inspiration for their designs. And I love all the different materials we use to decorate a nail.
Wilmary Orta
Florida Technical College, Kissimmee, Fla.

I love to teach sanitation and disinfection. I feel it should be the core of every aspect of nail services we teach. Sanitation and disinfection separates the educated, skilled, licensed nail tech from the others who are providing services to the public. I make it a point to teach real world scenarios (I have quite a few of my own) to sort of pinpoint how serious health issues can occur because of lack of knowledge, gross carelessness, or manifest incapacity — so much so that people have died due to pedicure services, prompting a well-known Podiatrist, Dr. Robert Spalding, to write a book titled Death by Pedicure. We have a responsibility to the public to not inflict harm and to educate clients of the importance of caring for their health, not just covering problems up with polish or enhancements. I also love discussing gross medical situations and evoking emotions in my students; it helps them to retain a lot of information!
Jessica R. Taylor
Honolulu Nail Academy, Honolulu, Hawaii

I love teaching nail anatomy and nail disorders because it's such an important part of nail technology. Understanding the nail unit is a key element to a becoming a great nail tech. Having bedrock knowledge in this area also helps students gain confidence in what they are doing when performing services on clients.
Kylie Clare
Switch Funky and Artistic Nail Design, Tasmania, Australia

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