Have you ever used uncooked spaghetti to create nail art? Elaine Watson, Star Nail’s vice president of marketing and sales, has! This unique trick is one of her favorites, and something she discovered at the beginning of her long career as a nail tech.

If used properly, spaghetti can be used to pick up and place rhinestones. Dip the tip of the noodle in water. The starch will concentrate, making it sticky to the touch. Use that tip to then pick up rhinestones, sequins, or any other material or embellishment you need to place on your client’s nail.

If the spaghetti becomes too starchy while in use, simply snap off its edge and start over.

“Sometimes when you’re using a tool with a rubber tip, you can destroy it by getting nail glue on it accidentally,” says Watson. “It can lose its smoothness and then you’ve lost the sticking capability. So I like spaghetti because it works better and is way cheaper!”

Watson cautioned that other pasta varieties such as angel hair will be too thin and recommends sticking to regular spaghetti.

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