Marie Claire’s fall issue listed a tip sheet on how to master nail trends with advice from New York City manicurists Tracylee and Dawn Sterling.

1. Avoid hangnails that occur from cutting cuticles by gently nudging back cuticles with a stainless-steel pusher or orangewood stick instead, says Tracylee.

2. Opt for an almond shape for short nails. “It’s very feminine and it makes your fingers look longer and slimmer,” says Sterling.

3. File in only one direction to prevent nails from shredding if using a traditional emery board, says Tracylee. Use a glass file to file in both directions.

4. Before applying a base coat, swipe nails with rubbing alcohol or a non-moisturizing nail polish remover to get rid of trace oils. According to the magazine, it helps your manicure last longer.

5. Instead of one thick layer of nail polish, brush on two thin layers. Prevent chipping by applying the color along the tips and slightly underneath them. Then add a clear top coat.

6. Clean up polish on skin with an orangewood stick dipped in remover instead of a cotton swab.

7. Remind clients to reapply top coats every other day and to apply cuticle oil every night.

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