I am in the middle with this subject. I make it clear students can only contact me only if it is a life or death matter about school. If things get too crazy I refer them to the school director or life coach.
Adrie Bishop
Spanish Fork, Utah

I don’t give my students my cell phone number. They have my school e-mail address, which is available 24-7. I can answer all of their questions through this avenue while keeping my cell phone number private. They also have the school’s phone number with an answering machine available, if they don’t want to e-mail. It has worked great so far.
Cat Gervasi
Continental School of Beauty, Rochester, N.Y.

As long as students call or text in an appropriate manner, it is fine. I don't give them my number with the intention of hearing gossip or about their weekend. I give it to them for support and to answer any questions they may have during and after their time in our Academy. If I feel they use it in an inappropriate manner, I am not opposed to telling them to no longer contact me due to it being abused.
Lisa-Marie Manderfield
The Salon Professional Academy, Kokomo, Ind.  
Absolutely not. We can be contacted by e-mail, on Facebook, on the phone, and at the school. In the past, we have had some students e-mailing us more than 30 times a day! And have had students coming into our school (that doubles up as a working salon) two or three times a week for info from the staff and/or trying to get a job. If they all had access to an instructor’s mobile number, it would ring off the hook.
Gina Wavell
NCO London Ltd., Watford, Hertfordshire, England

I’ll give out my cell number to my students, and they know it’s only for emergencies. I trust my students, and they know to respect my time. No calls or texts will be taken after 8 p.m.
Tina Caton
Artistry Academy, Richmond, Va.

I don’t think it’s OK to give your number to students. Work is work and personal time is just that...personal. Although on the rare occasions that I have given it out, students have been very respectful.
Rose Resendez-Soria
Regency Beauty Institute, El Paso, Texas