Light Elegance Gels offer excellent color coverage and hold that come in a wide variety of colors. With a collection of glitters, bolds, pastels, and shimmers to choose from, Light Elegance gels are engineered to perform well on any type of nail from full-coverage color saturation to free edge-extended Frenches and even 3-D sculpting.

1. Prep the natural nails with a 100-grit file.  Dust off the nails, apply Light Elegance Bonder and cure for two minutes.

2. Apply a thin layer of Light Elegance 1-Step gel, allow it to level perfectly. Cure for two minutes.

3. Apply the color Teeter Totter in a deep arch with the Smile Line Brush. Drag a tail across the nail deep down the sidewalls. Cure for 10 seconds.

4. Apply the color Frost to the nail bed just touching the cured Teeter Totter, wiping with a clean brush if necessary. Cure for 10 seconds.

5. Apply Disco Glitter to the Teeter Totter tip. Cure for 10 seconds.

6. Apply Diamond Glitter Gel over Frost, without going over the flash-cured Disco Glitter.

7. Apply a thin coat of 1-Step. Cure for two minutes.  Wipe off the dispersion layer.

8. Shape with the 180-grit side of the Perfect File. Clean the nail. Apply Top Gloss. Cure for two minutes.




Light Elegance master educator Pina More is the owner of Innovative Nail Services in Red Bank, N.J.

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