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Tuxedo Manicure

by NLS Staff | June 8, 2012

Tom Bachik, in Glamour magazine's June 2012 issue, tells readers how to recreate Zooey Deschanel's adorable tuxedo manicure.

  1. Paint on base coat, then two to three coats of white polish. Add clear topcoat and let dry.
  2. Mark the bowtie's center using a pointy eyeliner brush dipped in black polish.
  3. Add four more dots to make an X shape. Try to keep them as round as possible.
  4. Connect the dots in a bow shape, and fill in. Enlarge the center dot a bit.
  5. Do the tip. Start from each outer edge, and go in to the middle to get an even line.
  6. Create three more dots (buttons), let it dry, and finish with clear topcoat.


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New KUPA E-file Features Bluetooth Capability

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New KUPA E-file Features Bluetooth Capability

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