You can even add rhinestones and glitter for extra shine. Tip Jar packages come with plenty of extra nail tips for you to fix any broken nail. And if you want something the company doesn’t have, you can e-mail them an example and find out if it can be made for you. There are endless possibilities at your fingertips so check out the designs to see what fits you.

1. Prep the natural nail beds with a cuticle pusher and lightly file the free edge of the natural nail.

2. Choose the correct tip size for each finger. Apply glue to the back of the artificial nail tip well. Attach the nail tip to the free edge and hold until the nail is firmly attached. Cut nail tip to the desired length. Never cut after acrylic or gel is applied to conserve overlay.

3. Apply gel bonder to the natural nail bed.

4. Apply gel overlay over the natural nail bed and nail tip. Be sure to brush outward starting from the cuticle to the end of the nail tip. Remember to seal all free edges of the nail with gel.

5. Cure with a UV lamp for two to three minutes.

6. File nail tip to the desired shape. Smooth the nail by buffing away any rough edges and surfaces.

7. Apply UV top coat and cure with a UV lamp. Once dry, wipe the surface clean with alcohol to remove any sticky residue.

8. Massage the nail with cuticle oil. 

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