NSI Polish Pro applies like polish but has the durability of a gel and comes in a range of colors.  

1. After prepping the nail, apply Polish Pro Base Coat, sealing and capping the edges. Cure for 60-90 seconds in a UV lamp.

2. Shake your Polish Pro Color well before use (Burgundy is shown here). Apply a very thin layer. The first layer should look translucent. Cure for two minutes. Apply a second thin coat of color (for full coverage) and cure for another two minutes.

3. Choose your Polish Pro Accessory (Vintage is shown here) and shake the bottle well before use. Apply a thin layer and cure for two minutes.

4. Finish the nail with a layer of Polish Pro Top Coat, sealing and capping the edges.

5. The nail should have an altered appearance that adds shimmer and depth to the nail.

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