It is also known as the “art in wet gel” technique and is versatile enough to create literally thousands of different designs.

An educator for Bio Sculpture Gel, Chris Mans gives a detailed demonstration on how to do this technique along with a range of nail art designs that can be done with it.

The Peacock Technique is an easy nail art technique that can be used by anyone, from novice to veteran, to create delicate and intricate designs by simply painting lines in “wet” gel (before it cures under a UV light). In this liquid state, wet gel can be manipulated to create many different designs.

To make this peacock design, begin by applying a wet layer of gel over your base color and then paint color gel lines on top. Before curing, use a fine nail art brush to pull the wet gel in a certain direction, or both directions for a completely different effect.

The key is to get the correct color combination and line distribution. Using shimmer colors in combination with cream and glitter colors works great. Sometimes I find switching out just one color for a shimmer gives the perfect contrast for a striking design. Spacing and thickness of lines give another dimension and angle for creativity. Consider leaving spaces between lines or only between one line, and make one or two thicker than the rest.


1. After applying and curing your base color, apply a thin layer of wet clear gel.

2. Before curing, apply color lines of various thickness and spacing, but do not cure yet.

3. Use a thin nail art brush to “pull” the gel lines to your desired direction and cure.



You can customize the angle and shape of your lines by using different brush-control techniques. Use fast strokes with little pressure to create smooth, rounded edges for a delicate and soft curve. Using slightly harder pressure to pull the gel toward your desired side with a slow stroke will make for a more dramatic and square effect.

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