The Butterfly Effect

by Staff Writer | December 19, 2011

The key to creating this perfect marble effect is to make sure the coat of polish is wet while dragging the colors to create the wings. You will need a striper nail art brush and some polish to complete this look.

When choosing colors, allow your imagination to run wild, but Roman offers these words of advice: Choose two colors for your butterfly, and then choose a background color. Make sure all three colors will complement one another.

Roman chose a light transparent pink for her background and purple and pink shades for the wings. Before starting, make sure the two colors for the wings are already open because you will need to work quickly before the polish begins to dry.

1. Apply two coats of background polish on all 10 nails. Apply your first wing-color choice in the form of a curved line. Apply your second wing-color choice right next to it, and leave a space so you can repeat the curved lines as a mirror image.

2. Take your striper brush and very lightly pull your brush through both colors, stopping in the middle of the empty space. Repeat this to fill out the wing design, and make sure to angle the lines toward the middle so they meet in the center. The lines should all meet in the center of the empty space you left.

3. Once your wings are marbleized on all the nails, create the detail for your butterfly by painting the body and outlining the butterfly for a better look.


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