Stacy Senecal, owner of Libelle in Geneva, N.Y., came up with an attractive and convenient method of displaying color choices in her salon. In her case, she showcases Shellac gel-polish, but this display works just as well for other gel-polishes or for traditional gels or polishes. “I used polish wheels and created an attractive front by printing off a design on cardstock and cutting a circle to fit the inside of the wheel. With a fine-tipped marker, I wrote the name of the color next to each tip. A magnet was cut and placed on the back, and the color wheel is displayed on a magnetic dry erase board. The board is hung next to the table where the clients can see and decide on their colors while their nails are being done. The colors come down easily to get a closer look,” Senecal explains.

Senecal also includes Shellac layered color combinations, for which she makes up unique names. (For instance, Cream Puff + Iced Coral = Ice Cream.) She then keeps a binder beside her table with a sheet for each wheel with a list of the color names and, if it’s a layered color, how it was made. This method has proved much better than letting clients blindly create their own color combos.

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