Global IBD educator Brenda Skermont couldn’t wait to try out the new Gelac gel polish when it launched last year. Within 15 minutes of receiving it she started experimenting to find out exactly what she could and couldn’t do with it. And what she discovered was that it did pretty much everything regular polish did plus more. Here she explains how she combines Gelac colors to make this “déco-polish” design, which works like decoupage for the nails.


Step 1: Follow the prep steps for the Gelac polish application on the nail and apply two color coats. Cure each coat for two minutes in the UV lamp.


Step 2: Apply three or four different gel polish colors to a medium weight plastic. (Skermont uses craft bags.) Cure in a UV lamp for two minutes. Apply one coat for a transparent effect. For a solid effect, apply two coats.


Step 3: After the gel polish is removed from the lamp use scissors to cut the plastic coated with the gel into different shapes. Cut your shapes so that the edges are easy to separate from the plastic as shown.


Step 4: Place the pieces randomly on the nail, overlapping the colors. The pieces will be slightly sticky and elastic. Be sure to stretch them snugly to the nail.


Step 5: Once all the pieces are in place use small scissors to trim the excess away. Use your finger and smooth the pieces around the edges of the nail. Apply one to two coats of Gelac Top Coat to the nail for an ultra-smooth and shiny finish.

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