Backfills From Space

Ronia Hutchinson of Salon Oasis in Boca Raton, Fla., explains how she does these clean-cut backfill lines, using a little otherworldly help from a “UFO” bit. The UFO bit is a French fill bit that is commonly referred to as a UFO bit because of its shape.

Many techs use standard barrel bits at an angle to carve the smile line, while other techs will use smaller elongated cleaners to trench the line. But the French fill bit helps techs accurately carve a new smile line for their acrylic fills.

The advantage of the French fill bit is it allows for a comfortable holding position and for good visibility of the area you are filing so you can make precise movements when cutting the new smile line.

A steady hand and good e-filing skills will make trenching new smile lines a cinch.

The shape of the bit also helps to prevent air pockets from forming, which can cause lifting.    



Contact these companies for more information on e-file bits.



American Intl. Industries (AII)
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Atwood Industries
(800) 451-6733


(800) 574-4252


International Nail Manufacturers (INM)
(800) 541-9838


Kupa Inc.
(800) 994-5872


Erica’s Advanced Technical Abrasives
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(800) 342-8483


OPI Products Inc.
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PNI Worldwide
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RAM Products
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(800) 262-6262


Young Nails
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