Available in thin or thick styles for short or long free edges, Dashing Diva’s French Wrap Plus provides an easy-to-create, lasting French manicure or pedicure with consistently perfect smile lines and a no-chip finish. Using patented double injection process technology, the French Wrap Plus housing applicator protects the French color and helps apply even pressure during the application process.


1. Clean and prep nails, and select the proper size French Wrap Plus. Lightly buff the free edge with a 240-grit sponge file, then brush adhesive onto the side corners of the natural nail free edge and onto the entire band of French color inside the French Wrap Plus housing applicator. Place the French Wrap Plus onto the free edge with the French color aligned flush with the free edge.

2. Holding French Wrap Plus in place, press from the center of the housing applicator to the sides of the applicator. Repeat the pressing out motion two to three times.

3. Use a nail clipper to clip the application tab at the raised circle to release the housing applicator from the French color. Carefully wipe away excess Brush-On Glue with a dry lint-free wipe before the adhesive dries.

4. File the French color band to align with the free edge, then lightly buff over with the 240-grit side of a sponge file. Apply one coat of Dashing Diva Base Seal and let dry for two to three minutes. Apply two coats of Dashing Diva Top Seal.

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