“Lots of nail technicians think it is impossible to do gel impressions, but with the right products everything is possible. It is done differently than with acrylics. I teach this technique in my gel nail art classes as well as in a video tutorial on my new website www.gelartnails.com,” says Olga Palylyk. Here’s how she does her impression technique.

Palylyk used Amore Ultima gels for this step-by-step.


1. Prep the nail and apply a nail form and Ultima Bonder. Flash cure for 20



2. Apply Sculpt and Shine onto the nail form to extend the nail. Cure for two minutes.


3. Apply Pixie color gel and Silver Lining onto the entire nail. Cure for two minutes.


4. Apply Ultima White gel over the entire nail, completely covering it. Do not cure.


5. Using the Amore flat detail art brush point, start scooping out the white gel, cleaning your brush in between and continuing the design. Do not cure in between. Amore’s Ultima White gel does not run so it is possible to make sharp impressions on all five nails at once.


6. Continue scooping the white gel until the entire impression design is done. Cure for two minutes.


7. Apply Sculpt and Shine Gel onto the entire nail, filing the grooves and balancing the entire nail. Cure for two minutes.


8. This is what the cured nail looks like.


9. Wipe the tacky residue, shape and file the nail, remove dust, and cleanse.


10. Apply Sculpt and Shine gel to seal the design. Cure for two minutes.


11. Wipe the tacky residue.

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