Whether your client is getting ready to go to a concert or feeling fun and adventurous for her week of grocery shopping and cleaning, a Shellac’d Out Rockin’ Out Mani might turn the volume up in her life until her next appointment.

Bonnie Rios of Rio Rancho, N.M., shows how she uses CND Shellac to get a fun and flashy design that’s easy to do and perfect for adventurous clients.

STEP 1: Perform a manicure, making sure to shape nails and clean the nail plate with CND ScrubFresh and a lint-free pad. Then apply layers of Shellac in the following order, curing for two minutes after each layer:

  • 1 coat of Negligee
  • 2 coats of Fedora
  • 1 coat of Negligee

STEP 2: Remove the sticky layer quickly with 99% alcohol, and take a 180-grit file and gently buff random bare spots on the nail in two or three areas, being careful not to go through the last coat of Negligee you just cured. Clean the nails with alcohol again, and take a plastic backed lint-free pad and on the plastic side place a drop of Iced Cappuccino, Negligee Strawberry Smoothie, and Tutti Frutti. Use a small flat gel brush to paint thin random patches around the bare spots you filed away.

STEP 3: Use a soft dry brush and pick up a bit of glitter color (Rios used a soft golden opal pink shade) and put it over each spot, wiping away any extra. Cure one hand at a time after applying to all five nails.

STEP 4: Use Tutti Frutti and paint a thin layer over the glitter, leaving a border of the glitter showing around each patch. Then paint Strawberry Smoothie over those bare spots. It doesn’t have to be neat, and you can take a bit more of the Negligee and highlight over some of the dark Fedora areas to increase coloring. Cure.

STEP 5: Apply one to two coats of UV top coat depending on how much of the texture you want to feel from the glitter. Cure again between each layer. Finish by washing hands and giving a nice massage with a lotion of the client’s choice.


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