Be the mastermind behind your salon’s success with Star Nail’s new Eco The Pretty Tough Manicure Soak-Off UV Gel Master Kit. Lasting longer than traditional polish, Pretty Tough Soak-Off Gels guarantee a two-week manicure with no smudging or chipping. The kit includes 22 fashion-forward colors, plus brushes, a UV light, soak-off solution, and an instructional DVD.


1. Push back cuticles, shape the free edge, remove shine, and dehydrate the nail plate with a finishing wipe.


2. Apply a thin coat of base coat and cure for 30 seconds.


3. Apply the first coat of Black Sand and cure for two minutes.

4. Apply a second coat of Black Sand, but do not cure. Ready the gels White, Mother of Pearl, Snow, and Moonlight Shimmer.


5. Add strips of the readied gels atop the wet Black Sand, then drag your brush through the colors in one direction.


6. Drag in the other direction.

7. Cure for two minutes then use a finishing wipe to remove the tacky layer.


8. Apply a coat of the clear Semi-Permanent polish sealer, and let air dry.

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