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Manicurist Makes a Young Girl's Dream Come True

by NLS Staff | September 1, 2010

"Faith’s fingers were the littlest I had ever Minxed," says celebrity manicurist Kimmie Kyees, who gave the most special manicure of her career in May. Her client, 6-year-old Faith Pruden, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer earlier in the year. Kyees had learned about Faith, who lives in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio, from an old friend and was instantly touched by her situation.

"I read Faith’s wishlist ( and number three on the list was to meet Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez," says Kyees. "Since I worked on videos with both of those girls, I offered to do Faith’s nails. I thought it would be fun for her since I had worked with a few of her favorite celebrities." She reached out to Minx and told them about Faith. "Janice and Dawn, the two cofounders of Minx, were more than happy to fly me to Ohio so I could apply Faith’s custom Minx nails — a special design of Cinderella blue with red hearts, just as Faith had requested," she says.

When Faith rolled her wheelchair up to the table Kyees presented her with two autographed headshots: one from Kim Kardashian and one from Hilary Duff. "I had worked with both girls the morning before and asked them to sign something for her."

Needless to say, Faith loved her nails. "I also did her mom’s nails in black with silver stars, and Faith’s sister Trinity chose a hologram silver Minx spelling Faith’s name," she says. Just before the family was getting ready to leave Kyees got an e-mail she had been waiting on. "Katy Perry made a special video message for Faith. She had her brand new kitten ‘Krusty’ in her hands and the message was so endearing!" Later that day she received an e-mail from Selena Gomez’s people with another video message. "Selena was so sweet to take the time to send a message all the way from Budapest!"

Says Kyees, "Faith is such an amazing little girl with strength and courage beyond anything I have ever seen. I am blessed to have met her and I will continue to pray for her and hope for a miracle."

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