Don your berets, because Orly’s new Instant Artist Collection promises to help you achieve clean, precise, and colorful nail art designs at every skill level. The collection features 24 water-based shades that each come with a tapered brush for exact placement. The collection also includes four tools: a detailer brush, striper brush, dotter duo, and design tear-off cards that offer suggested step-by-steps.

With Orly’s permission, here are the step-by-steps from one of the collection’s tear-off cards:


You will need:

Fiery Red, Sunshine and True Blue

Detailer Brush

Dotter Duo

Paper or plastic swatch to use for your mixing palette and into which to dip your tools.


1. Start with white polished dry nails.

2. Using the tip of the brush and Fiery Red, create three to four flowers. Let dry.

3. On your paper or plastic palette, mix Sunshine and Fiery Red to create a warm yellow-orange. Create three to four smaller flowers around the red flowers to complement the pattern. Don’t be afraid to overlap flowers. Let dry.

4. On your palette, mix Sunshine and True Blue to create a cool green. Use the tip of the Detailer Brush to paint tiny leaves in between the flowers.

5. Pour a small amount of True Blue onto your palette and dip the small side of the Dotter Duo into it. Create small dots in the center of your flowers.

6. Apply top coat.

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