Looking to add a little more pop to your gels? Try mixing in some glitter. It’s fun to do in front of a client and it will show her you have skills beyond the mere limits of the jar. If you’ve ever seen mason work, you’ll recognize this technique right away. Greg Salo of Young Nails demoed this technique in front of a packed classroom at the recent IBS (International Beauty Show) Las Vegas.

Here’s what you do:


1. Take a scoop of clear builder gel or builder pink and glob it onto a non-porous tile. (You can use small metal mixing spatulas found at home improvement stores or an old metal implement you no longer need.)


2. Sprinkle some glitter to cover the glob. You don’t want to load up too much, just enough to cover the surface area.


3. Swirl, making sure to press with firm pressure to push out all of the air bubbles. When you have your glitter well dispersed through the gel, pick it up with your gel brush and apply it to fingers or toes.

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