Dashing Diva’s Gelife Soak-Off UV Gel System has everything you need to get started with gel services. The kit can be used to make standard pink-and-whites as well as more fashion-forward nail designs such as the “ombre effect,” in which the nails gradate from one shade of color to the next. The ombre effect is currently making a big impact in fashion and beauty, and the look is especially easy to get with Dashing Diva Professional French Tipped color extensions. You can achieve the ombre look by lightening or darkening — depending on your perspective — a shade within a color as it moves from finger to finger.


1. Prep nails, treat cuticles, then cleanse with Cleanser & Prep.

2. Going from darkest to lightest (pinkie to thumb), apply French Tipped with Brush-On Glue. Begin at the clear well portion of the tip and slowly lower it onto the nail bed toward the free edge.

3. Apply French Bonder to the French color portion and then apply a thin layer of Clear Gel over the entire nail and cure for one minute.

4. Apply a scoop of Builder Gel to the center of the nail for an arch. Guide the gel over the entire nail surface; turn the client’s hand over to help the product create an arch. Cure two minutes.

5. Buff and shape the nails with a 180-grit file, removing dust with a dry lint-free wipe.

6. Apply Top Gel to all the nails and cure for two minutes.

7. Clean the nails with a lint-free wipe soaked with Cleanser & Prep.

8. Apply Cuticle Nectar and massage into cuticle area.



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