Light Elegance Glitter Gels Demo

by Staff Writer | January 20, 2010

As the glitter gel toenails craze continues among clients, Light Elegance has released a gel line that makes life easier for the nail techs who do this popular service. The company’s Glitter Gels have the glitter premixed right into the gel, eliminating the mess involved with sprinkling on the glitter yourself. Plus, the formula has no added color pigments, meaning all of the vibrant color comes from the glitter itself. “I formulated a whole new gel base that is stronger and resists breaking. We added the glitter into this base that suspends the glitter to reduce the need for mixing,” says Jim McConnell, president of Light Elegance. The company plans on launching six new colors every three months (shown is Ruby Red).

Educator Liz Hyerstay, who works in Mujeres Salon and Spa in Eugene, Ore., uses the new glitters to create fun fingernail designs as well. Here’s her step-by-step for the sparkly French shown (it uses Purple Rose, Red Rose, and Silver Sparkle from the Glitter Gels collection):

1. Prep the nail and glue on a clear nail tip. Trim the length and shape the tip. (There’s no need to take shine off of the tip or blend to natural nail, as Light Elegance Bonder does the etching for you). Cleanse the nail.

2. Apply Light Elegance Bonder over natural nail and plastic tip. Cure two minutes.

3. Apply a thin layer of Light Elegance Extreme over entire nail. Cure two minutes.

4. Create smile line with Light Elegance Purple Rain Gel Polish and fade towards tip of nail but not all the way to free edge. Cure two minutes.

5. Using Purple Rose premixed glitter and a shorter bristled striping brush, randomly place gel on the nail in an abstract manner. Accent with Light Elegance Red Rose and a little Light Elegance Silver Sparkle. Cure 45 seconds.

6. Apply splashes of black with striping brush using Light Elegance Black Gel Paint. Cure two minutes

7. Build the nail with Extreme, creating a nice arch and curve. Cure two minutes. Cleanse the inhibition layer and refine the shape with a Light Elegance Perfect file. Cleanse again and apply Light Elegance Super Shiny. Cure two minutes and cleanse.

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