The French Tip Dip tool is a new technique used to create a perfect smile line with minimal effort and hyper speed. The French Tip Dip is available in French Tip kits consisting of the French Tip Dip tool, three dip jars, one large white polish for dipping, a sheer polish, top coat, manicure stick, two files, and a cute little box to keep it all together. The kit can do up to 52 applications. French Tip Dip can be used on natural nails and enhancements, and can be used with the polish of your choice.

1. Shape, buff, and shine your nails prior to nail treatment for best results. Pour nail color into dip jar halfway.

2. Dip the French Tip Dip tool into the polish to desired length. (Dip less for shorter nails and further for longer nails.)

3. Starting with the pinkie and working toward the pointer finger, lightly touch the dipped tool to the tips of the fingernails. With a little practice you’ll be able to get four fingers with one dip. Re-dip with the larger side of the tool to apply polish to the thumb.

4. Coat the nail with a sheer or base color from side to side over the nail base or the entire surface depending on the desired look.

5. Apply top coat.

6. Let your client enjoy the finished nail.

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