You took a stand. And you shouted from the mountain tops (well maybe just from your nail tables) when we asked you to tell us about your favorite products. We heard you loud and clear, and here we present you with the sixth annual NAILS Readers’ Choice Awards.

The NAILS Readers’ Choice Awards takes us inside the minds of nail care professionals to offer us a look at what you think about the products used in salons every day. For a professional nail product manufacturer there is no greater honor than landing on the top five list — voted on by the people who are actually using their products!

We asked nail technicians to let your voice be heard. Ours are not “editor’s picks” or a “best of” roundup; they’re simply a fun look at what product you and your peers love right now. So what are your favorite products? We’ve tallied the votes and are happy to announce the winners of the 2009 NAILS Readers’ Choice Awards. (The votes for products were very close, so we are listing your top five favorites in each category. We’re also highlighting the top 20 favorite new products for 2009.)

Now for the small print: We sent out nomination forms to every major product manufacturer in the nail industry. They nominated themselves (NAILS did not select the products for voting). In September, we sent readers online to vote for their favorite products. If your favorite products weren’t listed, you could write them in. Readers were not required to vote for every category.

View a slideshow of the NAILS Readers' Choice Awards Winners by clicking here.

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