Where do rhinestones and pasta mix? Nope, not grandma’s old sweater and an open sauce container. You actually need look no further than your local nail salon. Star Nail’s global education director Elaine Watson offers this innovative technique for rhinestone placement.
“One of my favorite tricks is to use dried spaghetti to pick up and place rhinestones. All you do is dip the end of the spaghetti into a small cup of water (just the very tip) to activate the starch in the dried noodle and make it sticky.

Once the tip is sticky you can pick up and place rhinestones for quite a long time, and if it gets dry just re-dip the stick in water. Don’t dip it in the water for too long though, or it will get too starchy and leave white marks on your stones.

If you get a little top coat or glue on the tip of the spaghetti and the rhinestones start to stick too long, just snap the very tip off and redip. You’ll be amazed how well this works.”

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