Upscale art galleries typically showcase work in a variety of mediums — there’s clay, charcoal, and, of course, various kinds of paint. But one European artist is making a name for herself using a medium that’s near-and-dear to all of our hearts: nail polish.

Influenced by minimal and conceptual art, Geneva, Switzerland-based Nicole Hassler adapts everyday cosmetic products and transforms them into beautiful works of art. She’s used foundation and compact powder for her designs, but her current medium of choice is OPI Nail Lacquer. (She even uses the ProWide Brush as her painting tool.)

Every painting is a composition of basic shapes in single or varying sizes, arranged in a strict order as determined by Hassler. The shapes are made of a strong, lightweight, aluminum honeycomb composite surrounded by layers of a high-tech fusion material. “Each series is inspired by memories of existing paintings in the history of art,” Hassler says. “Every color in a bottle of nail lacquer is able to provoke in me a reference and immediately suggest an association for the color.”

Hassler takes requests for specific nail polish shades or can determine appropriate shades based on your personality and that of the site where the work will hang. She labels the back of each piece with the lacquer name. “I never mix the color with anything else; I use each product with respect for the color it is,” Hassler adds.

To acquire a piece of her art, contact George Schaeffer at (818) 759-2400 or Prices range from $200 to $650 per piece (depending on size), with a five-piece minimum.

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