Hands can be one of the most telltale signs of a person’s age. Help your clients look young again with these anti-aging and rejuvenating treatments.

Posh Manicure ($38, 1 hour), Wet Paint Nail Spa, Cambridge, Mass.  

Description: The salon’s highest-end manicure is billed as “a luxurious hour of exfoliating, moisturizing, and rejuvenating treatments. If you’re still awake at the end, we’ll even polish your nails!”

Products: Qtica Mandarin Honey Sugar Scrub and White Tea Moisture Mask; Akzentz Nail & Cuticle Oil; paraffin.

The Facial Quality: The shea butter in the mask, plus the paraffin dip, provide a deep moisture treatment, while the mask’s kaolin helps draw toxins from the skin. White tea extracts help protect the skin cells against the damaging effects of the sun. 

For more information on Qtica products go to www.qtica.com and for Akzentz products go to www.akzentz.com.


Heavenly Hand Treatment Manicure ($35, 1 hour), MG’s Grand Day Spa, Greer, S.C.

Description: This service starts with nail shaping, cuticle minimization, buffing, and a forearm and hand massage. A vitamin-concentrated ampoule is then applied to enhance results. Hands are dipped in a temperature- controlled hydrating mask, with soothing warm towels used to remove the mask. The treatment concludes with application of Jessana nail polish.

Products: Pevonia Vitaminic Concentrate, Silky Skin Body Scrub, Multi- Active Hand Cream.

The Facial Quality: This treatment promotes youthful-looking hands, rendering even sun-damaged hands smoother, softer, and wonderfully re-hydrated. 

For more information on Pevonia products go to www.pevonia.com.


Caviar Hand Treatment ($20, 15 minutes), The Spa at Reunion Resort, Orlando

Description: After gently exfoliating and polishing, pure caviar film is first dissolved and then applied onto the client’s hands for immediate anti-aging results. Next, a caviar mask is applied and massaged into the skin for repairing and preventative benefits.

Products: Pevonia Exfo-Zym, Pevonia Caviar Film-O-Tech, Pevonia Caviar Hand Mask, Pevonia Caviar Hand Cream.

The Facial Quality:. The Youth- Renew Caviar Hand Treatment combines several anti-aging ingredients, including caviar, retinol, marine collagen, and repairing vitamins. Similar to a facial, this treatment exfoliates and penetrates the skin. Hands are left rejuvenated, hydrated, and glowing. 


Vagheggi’s Rejuvenating Manicure ($35, 1 hour), La Look Inc., Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Description: This manicure not only focuses on the nails but on the skin surrounding the nails. It involves deep exfoliation, hydration, and nourishing action, plus repairing, anti-oxidizing, and anti-redness qualities. It starts with a cleanser that promotes dissolution of lipids trapped in the sebaceous follicles and ends with nail care and polish application. It features two masks (one is a dual mask and scrub) and a double application of a hydrating balm.

Products: Vagheggi Harmony Restructuring Olive Leaves Treatment, Silky Lenitive Olive Leaves Balm, Magic Nourishing Oil, Rehydra Mask, Phytogel Lavapelle Skin Cleanser, Vegetable Hand Cream, and Regulating Essential Oil.

The Facial Quality: The service focuses on skin care and is literally a facial on the hands and arms. 

For more information on Vagheggi products go to www.vagheggi.com.[PAGEBREAK]

Nanovive Manicure ($25, 45 minutes), T.E.N. (Truly Extraordinary Nails), Nail Salon, Indianapolis

Description: This system uses a glycolic exfoliating serum to reveal younger healthier skin. That’s followed with the penetrating lotion that uses nanotechnology to deliver moisture at the cellular level. Results can be seen in one service.

Products: Entity Beauty’s Nanovive Glycolic Exfoliating Serum, Cuticle Rescue, Penetrating Lotion, and Intense Skin Treatment.

The Facial Quality: This manicure features the Nanovive skin care system especially designed for the hands. Measuring less than 1/50th the size of a human skin cell, the system’s microscopic soy-based nanospheres are tiny enough to penetrate beneath the surface level of the skin, jumpstarting ceramide repair, stimulating collagen and lipid production, destroying free radicals, and helping the skin renew itself-naturally. 

For more information on Entitiy Beauty products go to www.entitiybeauty.com.


Anti-Aging Manicure ($40, 75 minutes), The Spa at Intercourse Village, Intercourse, Pa. 

Description: The service begins with a hand soak in remineralizing salts. The hands are then exfoliated with a multivitamin polisher for optimal smoothness, revealing a healthy layer of skin. A powerful mask of concentrated antioxidant vitamins helps skin recover from damage and improves barrier properties, and a paraffin dip enhances the mask’s effectiveness. The treatment is topped off with a hand massage, nail grooming, and polish application.

Products: Dermalogica Hydro Active Mineral Salts, Multivitamin Powder Exfoliant, Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque, and Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment.

The Facial Quality: All of the products used in this manicure are used in the spa’s facials.

For more information on Dermalogica products go to www.dermalogica.com.


The Ultimate Manicure ($36, 1 hour), Spa Visage, Knoxville, Tenn. 

Description: The salon sets the tone for a personalized experience by offering the client a choice of four fragrances for the service, each with a specific therapeutic benefit. The service includes exfoliation of the hands, wrists, and arms using a hand peel with jojoba beads. A wrap is brushed on to promote skin cell regeneration, and the hands and arms are sprayed with a grapeseed antioxidant oil to protect the skin from the elements.

Products: Cuccio Elixir, Manicure Fizz Balls, Apple Cuticle Remover, Mango Hand Peel with Alpha-Hydroxy Acid, Deep Dermal Transforming Wrap, Anti-aging Grapeseed Oil, Body Butter, Forte Nail Strengthener, and Papaya Green Tea Cuticle Revitalizer Complex.

The Facial Quality: By applying masks and antioxidants, the salon goes beyond the typical manicure to make the client’s hands appear more youthful. The level of care in this service is the same as that in the classic facial.

For more information on Cuccio products go to www.cuccio.com.


Estheticians Carol Cisneros and Nina Perez of Studio Cie Skin and Makeup in Lakewood, Calif., offer these additional tips for how to keep your client’s hands young-looking and soft.

Use These Tips in the Salon:

> Here’s a useful protocol for performing a hand facial: 1) cleanse, 2) exfoliate with a granular scrub (like Dead Sea salts), 3) remove the scrub with a hot towel, 4) apply body butter on the front and back of hands, 5) place hands in plastic bags, then place inside warmed mitts (like microwave-safe lavender hand mitts), and 6) perform a light hand massage when the mitts start to cool.

> To perform a more aggressive hand treatment (which you can consider doing at the shampoo bowl or in other areas of the salon as an add-on service): 1) cleanse the hands and dry them, 2) apply a light layer of 40% glycolic peel or pumpkin peel (made of glycolic and enzymes) and leave on for two to 10 minutes (check the manufacturer’s instructions), 3) completely remove with hot towels, 4) apply a hydrating mask and leave on for 10 minutes, 5) remove with a cool towel, and 6) apply body, age-intervention, or vitamin hand cream or butter and perform a light hand massage.

> Paraffin dips are a great way to lock in hand moisture, and single-use kits keep it quick and easy. Try PerfectSense Paraffin, a personal paraffin service that incorporates aromatherapy, or ThermaSoft, a blend of soyaffin heat therapy and mineral energy.

> Stones, both hot and cold, can enhance anti-aging treatments. Look for either basalt volcanic stones (used hot) or aqua stones (used cold). Stones can help reduce puffiness and relieve stress during a hand massage.

Tell Your Clients:  

>Always wear sunblock with a minimum SPF of 30. Carry a tube of sun-block in your purse for reapplication, as it will be removed as you wash your hands throughout the day.

> To protect the back of your hands from sun damage when driving, place your hands on the underside of the steering wheel with the palm sides up.

> Include your hands when using your at-home facial mask. Apply a thin layer on the backs of your hands, including the backs of the fingers. Allow the mask to stay on the same amount of time as the directions state for the face.

> Regularly stretch your hands and fingers. WebMD.com lists several hand exercises that are especially beneficial for clients with arthritis. 

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