Light Elegance has re-released an old favorite, Fiber Gel. Fiber Gel is a UV-cured gel that contains fiberglass mixed into the gel. The fiber is strong and can be used on fills and full-sets, and it is a self-leveling product. When cured, the fiberglass becomes locked together to form a blanket of strength.

1. Clean the fingernail with Cleanser, prepare the nail plate with a 100- or 180-grit file and cleanse the fingernail once more.

2. Attach a tip or sculpt the nail.

3. Apply Bonder and cure for two minutes in a 9-watt lamp.

4. Apply a thin “slip layer” of Fiber Gel to the surface of the nail – do not cure this layer yet. 

5. Apply a dollop of Fiber Gel in the stress area of the fingernail and allow the Fiber to create the arch and curve and then cure for two minutes. Ensure that some Fiber Gel covers the sidewall of the fingernail to create additional strength to the stress area. 

6. Cleanse the sticky layer from the Fiber, shape with a 180-grit file and then smooth the Fiber with a foamie or buffing block.  Cleanse the fingernail. 

7. Apply a thin coat of Super Shiny over the buffed nail surface, cure for two minutes and cleanse the sticky residue away.

8. Let the client admire the finished nail.

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