Getting a good product application can be tough enough just using acrylics or gels, but when you start adding nail art embellishments like glass beads, crushed flowers, small rhinestones, or tiny seashells, you have to take extra care to prevent lifting. Art Club educator Mare Horak explains how she uses embellishments without compromising enhancement quality.

“One thing techs need to remember is to apply the first layer of enhancement, whether it’s acrylic or gel, very thin. You’re going to be building the nail on top of the embellishments, so it can be easy to put the first layer on too thick and then end up with chunky nails.

If I’m using acrylic and only embellishing the tip, I’ll do a reverse application and get the pink and the smile line done. Then I’ll add another thin layer of acrylic, add the embellishments, and then put the final layer on. And for gels, I make sure to flash cure between layers to make sure the embellishments are firmly imbedded.

It’s also important to make sure you cover all of the embellishments with the final layer of product so they are not exposed and don’t snag on anything or cause lifting.”

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