Nail Design

Play Me a Song...

by Sree Roy | March 1, 2009

This musically-inspired nail art number was created by nail artist and piano player Alexandra Wittenmyer. “You know us nail artists, we take from what we see in our lives and our imagination,” says the Loveland, Colo.-based tech.

Wittenmyer’s original vision was to have three models wear the nail tips, then hold their fingers in proper position to form a keyboard, but “trying to line up the fingers and get six arms on top and bottom was not working,” she recalls. So she turned to a stiff board and clay to hold the 32-piece design together. She used tips in sizes 5, 6, and 7, setting the black tips farther back and covering them with a songbook to make them appear shorter. Still, she says, “I have not given up on seeing my idea on fingers; I think I’ll try finding smaller hands next time.”

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