(From left to right)

(From left to right)

1. Eminence Organics’ Pear & Green Apple Yogurt and Soy Blueberry Body Washes help to hydrate all skin types. Antioxidant protection from ingredients like blueberry juice, soy, pear juice, green apple juice, and yogurt will leave skin glowing.

 2. A special combination of botanicals and fruit extracts was created for the Body Treats line of Hand and Body Bath from Jessica Cosmetics with honey, ginseng, sage, comfrey, and elderflower. Available scents include Lavender-Jojoba, Lemongrass, Black Cherry-Nutmeg, and the mysterious “Treasure.” 

3. LaLicious presents its Whipped Body Soap,a sulfate-free and luxurious way to cleanse with exotic fragrances such as Coconut Cream, Lily Mango, Passion Fruit Lime, Island Guava, and Tahitian Flower.

4. Creative Scentsations Hand and Body Wash from CND delicately rids skin of impurities and softens, moisturizes, and protects skin with a gentle foam. Fragrances include Wildflower & Chamomile, Tangerine & Lemongrass, Pear & Dandelion, and Honeysuckle & Pink Grapefruit. 

5. Bubalina offers a variety of body washes and shower gels in scents like Wild Pomegranate and Blueberries. Pomegranate seed oil, Rooibos tea extract, and antioxidants work to repair and smooth skin, reduce wrinkle depth, and increase microcirculation.

6. Sensuous Lathering Body Wash from Amber Products cleans and rejuvenates worn-out skin with essential oils that are blended with a natural glycerin base. Choose from Geranium Sage, Green Tea Mint, and Lavender Aphrodisia.

7. Ice Cream Body Wash from Get Fresh Cosmetics smells so good you’ll be disappointed you can’t actually eat it. A creamy lather formula spoils skin with essential oils and shea butter and comes in mouthwatering scents like Raspberry Blower, Chilla Vanilla, and Mint Choc Nips.

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