“Getting to really know your team can make all the difference,” says salon coach Heather Goodwin. “One book I strongly recommend to salon owners is What Color Is Your Personality? by Carol Ritberger, Ph.D. The exercises are fun and can truly put your team over the top on working together, handling challenges, and developing goals.”

Goodwin points to a salon team from Florida that used the descriptions for each color as a basis for their monthly awards.

• “Reds” are traditional, hard workers. They are down-to-earth and sensible. They believe in stability and structure.

• “Oranges” are the caretakers, the “mother hens” of the salon. They are the most helpful, devoted team members.

• Without “Yellows,” innovation wouldn’t even be a word. They are self-made, self-motivated, and intellectual. They love a challenge. Their lives are about endless possibilities. But they are also the ones who will challenge authority and the way things are done. They will always look for a new way of doing things.

• “Greens” are what bring the color of the world to life. They’re the artists around us. They’re sensitive, love life, and are optimistic. “Greens” need to be liked and thrive when their egos are rubbed.

“Think what it means to have an entire team come together and recognize one of its members as the most helpful or the most innovative,” says Goodwin. “Use this book at your next meeting, get your team on board to have fun, and marvel at not only the uniqueness of the group, but also how easy they are to understand, motivate, encourage, and grow.”

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