CND’s new Almond SpaManicure is a soothing menu addition to comfort and indulge your clients with a deeply moisturizing and relaxing new service. Designed to calm and restore even the most stressed hands, this service will provide long-lasting benefi ts beyond a basic manicure.


1. Prep client’s hands. Shape and smooth free edges with the Kanga File.

2. Place a smaller bowl within a larger bowl on your table. Fill the larger (outer) bowl with warm water halfway up the side of the smaller (inner) bowl. Add enough Almond Milk Bath to the smaller bowl to fully immerse fingertips and soak for one to two minutes.

3. Pour warm water into the inner bowl to create a milky solution, and gently swirl fingers to mix. Remove hand and towel dry.

4. Apply CuticleAway evenly around the cuticle of each nail, then push back cuticles, remove hangnails, and clean the nail plate.

5. Massage a scoop of Almond Moisture Scrub into the hands for one to two minutes to gently exfoliate the hands. Rinse hands with water and remove scrub with a soft sponge. Dry hands with a clean towel.

6. Apply a thin layer of Almond Illuminating Masque to the top of hands and fingers, and wrap hands in warm towels or heated manicure mitts. After three to five minutes, remove towels/mitts and remaining masque with a soft sponge. Dry hands with a clean towel.

7. Massage a dollop of Almond Hydrating Lotion into each hand and arm.


8. Gently buff nails with the 1200-grit side of the Koala Buffer in the direction of the natural nail growth. Apply color, or buff to a high-shine.


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