It’s time to start bundling up and heading inside as winter approaches. These aromatherapy products will give you all the more reason to enjoy the warmth indoors this season.

Body High Spa/EOH Beauty Brands showcases its 24 most popular essential oils in a convenient retail display that fits perfectly on spa and salon retail shelves.

Aromatic Spa Drops from Backscratchers enhance pedicure baths with eucalyptus, lavender, sweet orange, French vanilla, balsam fir, and sandalwood fragrances. Just add 3-10 drops for a sensuous experience.

Like potpourri, AromaBeads from AromaFloria can be poured into a bowl or basket to add fragrance to any room. Infused with essential oils, mixed with jeweled glass and polished beach glass, it’ll add color and life to any decor.

The Clarity Essential Oil Blend from Spa Moments can be massaged into the body, poured into the bath, or diffused into the air to clear the mind. Contains oils of basil, bergamot, cedar, lime, peppermint, rosemary, sage, lemon, and geranium.

Zensual’s Reed Diffusers feature premium natural botanicals that are hand-poured into 100% recycled glassware. Choose from 12 scents.

ESS’ Pure Essential Oils have natural chemical compounds, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. ESS oils come in 71 different scents.

Sensuous Solutions offers five fragrances for its essential oils: Lavender Rain, Green Forest, Ocean Breeze, Pearberry Mint, and Lemon Twist. Add to foot spas, manicure bowls, and massage oils to promote relaxation.

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