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10 Nail Websites to Bookmark

by NLS Staff | October 1, 2008

1. Beauty Tech:

Founded in 1994, this site’s strength is in its positive community of nail and other beauty professionals who thrive on helping each other out. The popular Forums feature candid discussions on everything nail-related, and the site even organizes in-person meet-ups at certain industry events.

2. Nail Zoo:

Click on the “My Videos” tab at Nail Zoo. These how-to videos, on topics like prepping a new nail brush and creating the perfect French, are excellently done and the fast-paced techno soundtrack adds a hint of glamour to Australian nail tech Carl Anderson’s demonstrations.

3. NailSplash:

Run by a nail tech, NailSplash offers a wealth of free information. “Barb’s 21 Top Tech Tips” is especially handy; Tip 2 recommends polish disks over handing clients the polish bottles, so clients select a polish color based on how it looks on them, not by how it looks in the bottle.

4. Nail Tech List:

Probably the prettiest and easiest-to-navigate of all of these websites, Nail Tech List is an online community specifically geared to nail techs. There are some great photos under the “Featured Salon” and “Artist Gallery” tabs.

5. International Nail Art Gallery/Nail Art 4 Me:

Who can get enough nail art? Certainly not anyone we know. This site specializes in nail art photos from around the globe, organized into categories like gel, French manicure, and wedding. Register to gain access to all the galleries and post your own photos.

6. Behind the Chair:

Another online networking community for beauty professionals, BTC boasts more than 1,000 pages of beauty business-related articles, technical step-by-steps, and a job board that keeps viewers regularly coming back for more.

7. Christie’s Nails:

The website of Hawaii-based tech Christie Gibson, Christie’s Nails includes gorgeous nail art photos and technical step-by-steps. Access to certain pages requires a paid subscription.

8. Parlor Games:

Follow along with the trials and travails of burgeoning Washington-state-based Julep Nail Parlor on this frequently updated blog. Owner Jane Park has a knack for easy readability and great salon photos.

9. We Sterilize:

Need to send your clients to a salon out of state? Visit for a list of recommended salons that go above and beyond with their sanitation practices. Also, don’t forget to register your own salon if you meet the website’s qualifications.

10. Salon Geek:

Join other nail geeks on the message boards and get quick responses to all your questions, like which nail chemistry book is the best and if your nail art is really any good.

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