Nail Design

Halloween Nails

by Tim Crowley | October 1, 2008

EZ Flow educator MaeLing Parish shows how to make a Halloween-inspired fantasy nail. If you have fun trying this design, feel free to try Lynn Lammers’ Dragon design too.



The first thing I do is come up with a sketch on what I want the final nail to look like.



I make the base out of a clear tip and extend it using iridescent gel. I’ll use dark blue and purple matte acrylic for the color on the top half of the nail, and fade the bottom half into a back and green marbleized color.



I make the moon on foil using a gold shimmer acrylic, and then use a brick shimmer to add dimension by fading from the outer rim to the center of the circle.



Create the cloud base using natural colored acrylic on a piece of crinkled foil — I form mine over my finger — and then coat the entire cloud with silver shimmer acrylic. Create shade on the lower edge by fading black acrylic up toward the middle, and the highlights (the top part) using soft white acrylic and fading down toward the middle.



Make bat shapes on foil using black matte acrylic. While the acrylic is still pliable, bend the wings to create the illusion of flight. Use neon orange for the bat eyes.



Start the spider using the point of your brush to pick up a small bead of black acrylic, and gently put it on a paper towel to let it dry, this forms the head. Pick up an oval-shaped ball of black acrylic to form the body. Bleed off the excess monomer, and while it is still moist attach it to the head. Create the legs on foil using black matte acrylic and connect them to the body.



Put all the pieces on top of the original draft, and then attach each part. Using a pencil eraser, attach the moon to the base using a brush on resin. Attach the clouds, one on top and one behind the moon, using a small ball of clear acrylic. Attach the bats using small balls of clear acrylic. And attach the spider and web using brush on resin.

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