The FDA recently ruled that teeth whitening is a cosmetic, not a dental, procedure. That’s good news for salon owners like Stacy Hamon of 1st Street Salon in Thornton, Colo., who recently introduced the service to enthusiastic clients. Because it’s not considered a dental procedure anyone can perform the service and no special training or license is required.

Hamon charges $99 for a 15-minute session and also offers a $249 package that includes two back-to-back sessions and a take-home whitener. Clients can have the procedure done as often as they like — every few months or as needed. “Our Spa White Nights are a big success,” she says. “We have sandwiches, wine, and veggies. Basically, we have a party while everyone sits there with a blue light in their mouth.”

The majority of salon teeth whitening systems consist of a plastic mouthpiece, a whitening ingredient (usually hydrogen or carbamide peroxide), and an LED UV light to activate the whitener. Start up costs for many of the systems are relatively low. For example, Nice N Bright charges $2,995 for the lamp, 30 kits, and other basics. The system whitens in 20-minute sessions, for which they recommend charging $129. “After your initial 30 clients, there’s the potential to make $268 per hour,” calculates Nice N Bright’s Larry Mancini. “I know of salons that are doing whitening while clients’ feet are soaking.”

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