Nail tech Joy Yavenue’s clients walk out of their manicure appointments looking like $1,000. Yavenue (who‘s fittingly based out of Las Vegas) offers a “money manicure” as a nail art service — a replica of a $100 bill goes on each of the 10 nails and are kept in place with clear and pink acrylic and sealer.

While some techs photocopy dollar bills for this service, Yavenue has an easier solution: Sniff brand 4-ply $100 bills pocket tissue. To buy your own, try or

Here are Yavenue’s step-by-steps for this service:

1.  Prep nails as you would for any nail enhancement.

2.  Apply tips (Yavenue uses resin to attach them to the natural nail.) Remove the shine of the tips.

3.  Cut Sniff brand 4-ply $100 bills pocket tissue. Pull apart the layers of the tissue so you only have the layer with the design.

4.  Cut the tissue to fit the tip and create a smile line with the tissue.

5.  Apply the tissue with resin on the tip.  Use an orangewood stick to smooth out and eliminate any air bubbles. 

6.  Apply clear acrylic (like CND Solar Clear) over the tip and as you would to do pink-and-white, create a smile line.

7.  Apply pink acrylic (like Tammy Taylor True Pink) on the nail bed.

8.   File nails to the desired shape and length.  (Do not buff after filing.)

9.  Remove all dust and filings from the nail and brush on a layer of sealer (like IBD Intense Seal). Cure for three minutes.

10.  Finish by applying oil to the cuticle area.

Photography by Jennie Edwards,

Hand model: Katie Buechner

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