Light Elegance’s new Gel Paints create nail art with a bold look and fine touch. The Gel Paints can be striped and blended together to create unique designs, and they can be applied over any enhancement product. And Light Elegance’s Super Shiny UV Top Coat adds the perfect, high-gloss shine to the finished nail.

1. Start with a nicely shaped enhancement (this could be acrylic or gel), and apply a thin coat of Tahitian Tingle Gel Polish. Then cure in the lamp for 15 seconds.

2. Stripe the Black Gel Paint onto the nail with a slight curve to create stems. Cure.

3. Use an art stylus with Red Gel Paint to create hearts on the tips of the black stems. Cure.

4. Create soft white dots around the hearts with White Gel Paint. Cure.

5. Finish the nail with Super Shiny to create a highgloss shine. Cure for two minutes.

6. Enjoy the finished nail.

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