Star Nail’s Pastel Gel Collection provides an array of feminine and delicate colors to beautify nails at any time of year. The gels are self-leveling so the application is easy and there is less filing, and the pastel colors can be combined for interesting nail art or used alone for a longerlasting polish. The Pastel Gels are UV-enhanced and odor free.


1. Prep the natural nail and use a 240-grit file or block to gently remove the natural shine from the nails. Apply a crystal clear tip to one nail with a clear gel and do not cure.


2. Use a small point gel brush to pick up a small bead of gel and place polka dots around the nail plate.


3. Continue to do this with different colored pastel gels to create various sized polka dots and give the nail some dimension.


4. Use the method of applying gel to a nail and then curing as you work. This helps keep the product in place. Cure each nail for three minutes before moving onto the next.


5. Apply clear gel to seal in your polka dots. Cure for the last time (three minutes) and wipe with a gel fi nish wipe or cleansing wipe to remove the tacky layer.


6. Finish off by shaping the nail to desired shape and length using a 180-grit file.

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