Minx Nails of Oceanside, Calif., has created a new way to apply color and design to nails. Pre-made templates are sealed onto nails using heat, and the excess is simply filed off. You may have first seen them on our February 2008 cover. Here, CEO Janice Jordan talks to us about how the coatings work, and how she came up with the idea.  

NAILS: So how exactly does Minx work?

Janice Jordan: The templates are applied using heat, kind of like a shrink wrap. The tech will find the template that best fits the client, then clean the nails, remove the adhesive backing on the template, and apply it to the nail.

A heat source is then applied that seals the template to the nail. We’re currently making our own heaters, but people can use an ordinary blow dryer as well. Then once the template has been applied, the excess can simply be filed off and you’re good to go.

How did you come up with the idea for Minx nails? I was working at a business that does race car graphics. When you apply graphics to vehicles you use your nails a lot, and I was wearing out my nails. All of my nails were getting so worn down that I had to do something. I tried polish and top coat, and I even put duct tape over my nails, but nothing seemed to work.

Then I tried using the materials from the car graphics on my nails, and it worked like a charm. I also noticed it looked pretty cool too, and that’s where I got the idea that this could work for other people as well.

Does Minx specialize in the metallic look? Well, we can do pretty much anything, but our specialty is metallic because you can’t imitate our shine and sparkle with a liquid polish. Our metallic nails are noticeable and eye-catching, and they really set us apart from everybody else.

How long does it stay on? About 1-2 weeks, like regular polish. But it has no smell, and it doesn’t require any drying time.

How do you take it off? Using heat again. You put the template under some heat and work a corner until you can loosen it, and then slowly peel the nail from side to side until it comes off. But you can still do things when you have them on. You can go in the hot tub or shower, because they won’t come off until you break the seal.

How has Minx been received so far? We’ve done several market tests now, and we’re getting really good responses. Since it’s a professional-only product, we’re reaching out to salons and manicurists in hopes that they’ll train to become Minx manicurists, and then become educators.

We’ve also had some good responses from the fashion and entertainment industry. Beyoncé wore them at an awards show, and Victoria Beckham wore them for the Spice Girls’ tour in Los Angeles. The response has been great so far considering that we only launched in January.

If you’re interested in training with Minx, look them up at www.minxnails.com.

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