Salon:  Green Bliss Eco Spa, Los Angeles

Green Bliss uses: Buddha Nose Detox Bath Salts and Bodhi Balm, Naturopathica Citrus Salt Scrub, Cuccio Naturalé Earth Stone Lava Pumice, Priti matte base coat.

Price:  $125

1. Soak the client’s feet in warm water and Buddha Nose Detox Bath Salts (or any Dead Sea salt soak with male-friendly essential oil scents).

2. Prep nails.

3. (By request) Wax off hair on the client’s toes.

4. Exfoliate the client’s feet with Naturopathica Citrus Salt Scrub.

5. Use Cuccio Naturalé Earth Stone Lava Pumice to lessen calluses on heels and the mounds of the big toes. Rinse off scrub.

6. Using Buddha Nose Bodhi Balm, perform a foot reflexology massage.

7. Apply a matte base coat to nails. (Optional, apply a requested polish color, like black or dark green, to nails.)

Alternate Names: Rockin’ Pedicure, Kiss Away Calluses, For Men Only

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