New LCN Camouflage Gels allow technicians to subtly shade the nail bed and camouflage flaws and discolorations before the building gel is applied. Choose one of three soft, nude colors — Cool Pink, Soft Apricot, and Natural Beige. With options to match skin tone, you are ensured a perfectly natural looking result.

1. Prep the nail (remove shine, dust and clean) and attach a form. Apply LCN bonding agent of your choice.

2. Choose Camouflage Gel color based on skin tone and client preference. Apply a layer to the nail bed and also thinly over the form. Cure two minutes. If you are using a tip, apply Camouflage Gel to the entire nail.

3. Lengthen nail with Sculpture Formatur and cure for two minutes. For the brighter white of a classic French look, apply one of our whites to the free edge and cure. Then model the entire nail with Sculpture or One Component Resin F.

4. Remove form and wipe dispersion film with Purzellin Swab and Cleaner. File surface and edges of the nail into the final shape. Remove dust, and seal the nail as usual.

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