As national show and education coordinator for Backscratchers Salon Systems, Roe Van Epps is a gel expert. Here are her tried and true tips:

  1. When building with a self-leveling gel, turn your client’s hand over palms facing the ceiling, and hold this position for a few moments. Gravity will pull the gel product to the center of the nail, helping you create a more natural C-curve and arch.
  2. When curling gels in the light unit, a white buffer block is handy to use under the client’s thumb. Use this when curing the entire hand at once – it will help save time and will keep her thumb comfortable in the perfect upright position for the light to cure the thumb correctly
  3. If your UV light unit does not have a reflective bottom you can use highlighting foils. With each client, place a sheet of foil on the bottom of the light unit under the client’s hand. Also, this is a great way to keep your light unit clean. Throw the sheet away after each service.
  4. Use a plastic travel toothbrush holder for your gel brushes; this will keep the brushes clean when not in use or when travelling. Chose on that is a solid dark color to block sunlight and exposure to UV light.


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